Here only one thing counts: to hurtle downhill faster than ever! If you dream of measuring up against elite world cup competition or winning a local downhill competition, here’s a match made in heaven. Because "too fast" just isn’t not part of your vocabulary.
If waterfalls, catwalks, obstacles and free fall are part of what mountain biking is all about for you, our freeride bikes are made with you in mind! Thoroughly tested by our test riders, these bikes can endure the worst possible abuse. If you’ve ever dreamed of a world where no jump is too high, no slope too steep or a passage too narrow, then these bikes are the perfect fit for you.
All Mountain / Light Freeride
For mountain bikers who want to carve out their own trail. Their lowered gravity center suspension allows the rider to fly downhill on the steepest slopes with maximum control. Their adapted geometry also helps the rider attack the endless uphill battles. Our All mountain bikes will surpass the expectations of the most demanding of riders.
XC Trail
These bikes are light and powerful but also capable of going through ambitious trail rides. They offer more clearance and sturdiness than our XC race bikes. Ideal for raid fans, off-road trail lovers or for those looking to have a blast. A symphony of pleasure.
XC Race
The ideal balance of performance, light weight and agility. These sleek bikes are the perfect fit for competitors or speed addicts with one thing on their mind: go faster. Whether you ride rigid frame or full-suspension, your opponents will bite the dust.
This bike can do just about everything, except ruin you. It’s suitable for people looking for a versatile bike or those who progressively want to learn how to mountain bike. Whether it be on the trails, in the skate park, on the “pump track” or even in the urban jungle, these ATB X are perfect for you. Not for the faint-of-heart!
ATB Sport
The clear choice for beginner mountain bikers or for those who want to switch from road to trail. Go for the Devinci quality, the know-how of Devincintelligence and the pride of buying a Canadian product, all without spending a fortune.
Dirt Jump / Street
If for you biking means being up in the air as much as being on the ground, then look this way. Easy to maneuver, these bikes are ready to tackle the skate park, dirt jumps or the urban jungle. Just let your imagination go wild!