Road Race Carbon
At Devinci, we’ve long understood what most cyclists really want: a sleek, powerful bike that’s fun to ride. The serie CX frames are not only designed to offer superior performance, but also to reduce road vibration and provide an ergonomic position. Racers, touring riders and those wanting a more powerful bike will find the right fit. Built with carbon fiber, these Performance bikes are the perfect balance between light weight, agility, rigidity and comfort.
CX3 | CX2 | CX1
Road race Aluminum
The ideal bike for your everyday cycling, bicycle touring or beginner competition. Over 15 years experience working with aluminum has allowed us to make the most of this durable, light and recyclable material. With its aluminum alloy frame, this bike can deliver great performances without sacrificing comfort.
A bike suitable for those race fanatics or those looking for an all-rounder. Versatility on two wheels!
The right bike for outdoor and cycle touring lovers. With its specially robust frame reinforced to support saddlebags, it will follow you to the end of the world or at the least till the end of the road.
Triathlon / Time trial
Time’s your only opponent. These bikes were devised to slice through the air and help you ride faster during competitions. Every small details was considered by our engineers to allow you to go faster when riding alone.