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October 2023 | The more you know about us, the happier we are. Page(s) 1 0f 1   1 
Karma cameleon
Indistinguishable feature | The clear choice for beginner mountain bikers or for those who want to switch from road to trail. Go for the Devinci quality, the know-how of Devincintelligence and the pride of buying a Canadian product, all without spending a fortune. A real mountain bike capable of handling real off-road rides....
Reality bikes
All new devinci performance hybrids | It’s now possible to have an agile, fast and efficient bike that also offers a comfortable position with maximum control. Whether you simply want to go from point A to B, cruise down the bike path or venture out on occasional touring excursions, these versatile bikes have been designed to...
Devinci CX 2 2010
Carbon + full Shimano 105 | At Devinci, we’ve long understood what most cyclists really want: a sleek, powerful bike that’s fun to ride. The serie CX frames are not only designed to offer superior performance, but also to reduce road vibration and provide an ergonomic position. Racers, touring riders and those wanting a more powerful...
Nippour/Devinci junior road team
Team presentation | Jonquière – The 2010 crop of the new Nippour/Devinci Team has all the elements to deliver some nice surprises. This was the view of Pierre Bourgeois, who has agreed to continue his mandate at the helm of the team that is the most representative of the region since its creation....
fresh line of t-shirts
Find your match | Now is the time to say good-bye to the winter fashion blahs with a brand new pick-me-up for your spring wardrobe. Here’s the inside scoop: Devinci has just created a vibrant, fresh line of t-shirts. Look out for lively, bold colours like funk red, black or white with a striking...

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