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Open sales agency positions in Canada for Cycles Devinci

Following territories that Cycles Devinci is actively looking for a senior sales agency:

1- British Columbia
2- Alberta
3- Prairies (Saskatchewan, Manitoba)
4- Maritimes

Cycles Devinci is searching for an independent sales person or Agency that will represent our product line for each of the following province of BC, Alberta, Prairies (Manitoba-Saskatchewan) and Maritimes.

The agency must have an experienced bike sales person with a valid driver’s license and vehicle. The candidate must also demonstrate great communication skills. Ideally, the agency bike sales person (or specific sub rep of a bigger agency) should ride bicycles with customers.

Cycles Devinci is looking for a senior agency that has sub reps working for them on the road or a similar coverage structure. An agency that can bring new business and new customer thru its other represented lines will be prioritized

Responsibilities include day to day account management (except when thru customer service at head office), email and phone communication, regular store visit, product forecasting and in store inventory , riding bikes with customers, and finally an ability to drive sales through exceptional product knowledge, brand positioning and hard work.

Interested parties shall submit their application to [email protected]