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September 2009 | The more you know about us, the happier we are. back to news
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2010 CX
2010 CX
2010 CX WF
2010 Leo T2
2010 Leo SL
2010 Silverstone
2010 Tosca
2010 Caribou
2010 Road bikes are here!
2010 Roadies! | Here at Devinci, we have long understood what many cyclists really want: a powerful, sleek and comfortable frame to ride. Executives of the CX series have been designed to offer superior performance.

Everything new is good! Silverstone series ideal for road trips, road cyclists or an introduction to the competition.

Our Tosca SL series: The bike that suits both those who want to leap on cyclocross events or those who want a bike that can be used in almost any situation. A veritable Swiss knife on two wheels!

Still new! Our 2010 Caribou! The best bike for lovers of the great outdoors and travel on two wheels.

Only one opponent: the clock. Imola frame have been designed to split the air and to help you save time in competition. No detail has been overlooked by our engineers to help you ride faster solo.
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