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April 2010 | The more you know about us, the happier we are. back to news
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2010 Devinci CX 2 WF
White, red & metallic silver.
2010 Devinci CX 2 WF
White, red & metallic silver.
2010 Devinci CX 2
Off white, orange & carbon fiber finish.
Devinci CX 2 2010
Carbon + full Shimano 105 | At Devinci, we’ve long understood what most cyclists really want: a sleek, powerful bike that’s fun to ride. The serie CX frames are not only designed to offer superior performance, but also to reduce road vibration and provide an ergonomic position. Racers, touring riders and those wanting a more powerful bike will find the right fit. Built with carbon fiber, these Performance bikes are the perfect balance between light weight, agility, rigidity and comfort.

Devinci Monocoque Carbon fiber construction (DMC). Oversized chain stay for optimal performance and direct contact with the road. Carefully designed geometry to maximize comfort and performance. Who ever said that you need to break your back for top performance on the road? The CX is designed and assembled in Canada.
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